Democrats: envy-driven politics, power-driven governance

I don’t want to paint Republicans, or even conservatives, as 100% pure, righteous, and absent of any blame, fault or sin. I will note, and leave it at this, that the general disposition of Republicans and conservatives, when they are not practicing the politics of appeasement, is toward personal freedom for Americans and a vigorous defense of America from enemies without and within. Those Republicans who are not in it for their own personal power are typically in it, at some level, for the people they represent, and for the vision of America shared by the Framers.

Now about those other jokers.

There is a boring, numbing sameness to how the Democrats package every event, every policy, every national emergency, every act done by America-loving Americans. Whatever it is, it is always the Republicans’ fault. And it’s not that the Republicans inadvertently caused your pain. No, they did it on purpose, and they are racists, they hate poor people (and your grandmother), and they want to raise taxes on the poor so that the rich people can get away with paying no taxes at all. Whatever the occasion, even natural disasters (Cheney caused Hurricane Katrina to hit New Orleans, you may recall). More often than not, man-made disasters are caused by Democrats, but they always immediately run straight to the microphone to blame Republicans. It never changes, and they never grow weary of projecting their own evils on Republicans.

It’s not just that they are stupid, jealous, and petulant. Not only that. They have a purpose. They want to distract you from seeing what is in plain sight in front of your face.

It has always been true, but recent history has illustrated in living color the inability of the Left to effectively and equitably govern. They’ve been shown to be nothing much more than power-grubbing, self-serving crooks, liars, and traitors. Their response to the recent hearty disapproval of Americans at the obviousness of their failures and failings? When their power is threatened, they go back to the basics of the Lefty playbook – divide and stoke up hatred between Americans with envy-driven politics.

The Left does not practice, per se, envy-driven governance. They practice, wholesale and undiluted, power-driven governance. Everything they do – every single thing – is geared toward procuring, securing, maintaining, and increasing power for themselves at the expense of the American people, who they view as subjects and not citizens. Democrats do not have the faintest interest in serving the interests of America or Americans. They were and continue to be elected for the express purpose of representing the interests of the citizens who vote them into office for that purpose, and yet they gleefully and routinely betray that trust.

Certainly many of their laws and regulations reflect their envy-driven rhetoric. After all, you have to keep some of your promises, when all your campaigns are composed of promises to stick it to the enemy de jour. Perhaps they even believe some of what they say. I venture to say that the party that believes Guam will tip over and sink if we station too many troops on it is a party that doesn’t put much of a premium on intellect. In their hearts, I think there is genuine resentment toward those who dare to succeed apart from the tender mercies of the Democrats. Nevertheless, power is the thing; if they can indulge their envy and hatred while also extending their power, so much the better.

The Democrats campaign on envy in order to win elections and otherwise gain position from which to take, hold, and increase power for themselves. To understand this is the beginning of understanding Democrats and formulating a strategy to rescue America from their clutches. This is why there is no point in negotiating with them, making deals with them, meeting them halfway on anything, or believing anything they say.

Here’s how you deal with them. You defeat them.

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