Barack, with boot on America’s neck, says “what are you laying around for?”

Are you kidding me? At 34 months into his presidency, America remains saddled with the worst economy since the Great Depression, and with no positive trends in sight. barack has fed us a steady diet of higher taxes, more regulatory burdens on business, crony capitalism that enriches his friends, strong support of unions, and blame.

Brother, has he blamed. Captain “Buck Stops Somewhere Else” has blamed George Bush, evil rich people, corporations, Congressional Republicans, Wall Street, the Tea Parties, Toyota, more George Bush, oil companies, banks, Big Pharma, Ronald Reagan, small business owners, home school parents, oil speculators, Rush Limbaugh, democracy itself (if not for that pesky Constitution, or this silly business of having Congress pass laws, I sure could get stuff done), Boeing, ATM’s, artificial Christmas trees, a Japanese tsunami, still more George Bush.

And now finally he has hit on it. The economy is in the toilet because Americans are lazy about “attracting foreign investment”.

Just thinking aloud here, but perhaps nobody wants to invest in business and jobs here because of the stifling tax and regulatory environment.

How about this, barack, for the Vacationer-in-Chief and Golfer-in-Chief, next time the words “Americans are lazy” show up on your teleprompter:

…and the horse you rode in on.

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