So, has Fallon’s house band been fired yet?

NBC, under pressure, has offered up a limp excuse for an apology from a junior executive, and has further claimed that the band has been “severely reprimanded”. OK, unless “severely reprimanded” is code for “fired”, then it’s not enough. It won’t be right until they are canned, and cut off from ever working for NBC or NBC affiliates again. In a fresher society, I would further expect that these morons would never be accepted in polite company again.

I am sick of the rudeness of the Left, and I think so is America. There is no more room for overlooking their constant bad behavior; it is time to hold them to account, every time, and punish them, every time. Decades of tolerance, of assuming the Left would find their equilibrium, of assuming SOMEBODY on the Left has a momma with a wooden spoon that will wear out some bottoms, has done nothing but encourage even more rudeness, more cheating, more lying, more bias, more dismantling of cultural and social standards. It is no longer right for the Right to be decent about it. It is time for gentlemen to do what’s right. Time for gentlemen to take gloves off, go to fistfights, and hurt some people in order to reinstate a national respect for manners and decency.

Bachmann, to her credit, has done everything right. She has graciously accepted the personal apology of Jimmy Fallon, who offered it up basically as soon as he found out what was done. It seems perfectly clear that he was no party to it, knew nothing about it, and would not have allowed it if he had known. Fair enough, he acquitted himself well. I will qualify that, however, to say that if he has the authority or the muscle to have the house band fired, then he has more work to do before he has made it right.

Bachmann demanded that NBC apologize, and she was correct and justified in that demand. Fallon was not the guilty one, the house band and the drummer were. Beyond the raw nature of the insult, the added wrong was that it was planned, and announced ahead of time through Twitter. This is an offense that demands a firing. Pursuing an apology from the band itself is a waste of time, because they’ve demonstrated nothing that says they are worthy even of the opportunity to apologize.

The apology she got was from Doug Vaughan, the VP of late night programming. Vaughan’s apology was well done, as far as that goes. But it falls far short of what was required. “Severely reprimanding” the band is a joke. He certainly has the authority to fire the band, and for such a disgraceful deed, nothing less will do. Second, the apology should come from the top dog at NBC, the #1 guy, the CEO, whose name is Steve Burke I believe.

Again, Bachmann is all over this. She has blown off the Vaughan apology, and demanded that the top dog at NBC apologize. I am sure that the media clowns will make sport of her demanding apologies, because it is not in them to ever, ever, ever give an inch of ground to any conservative for any reason, and particularly any female conservative.

My guess is that she will get her apology. But those morons in the Fallon house band, having received their “severe reprimand”, will keep their jobs, and in many circles be the subject of kudos and admiration by the smut merchants and creeps that dominate the Left.

And that is a disgrace. They are a bunch of low-life c***suckers, and I will be happy to tell that to their faces. All at once, or one at a time, I would challenge them to a fistfight. As should any American patriot who knows them.

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