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These invalid “recess” “appointments”

Get used to it. I like “scare quotes”.

My tattooed friend notes that We have to use the rules, the libs just do whatever the *^$# they desire. And he doesn’t say that “we” means me and my tattooed friend “have to use the rules”. [There is that scare quote thing.  Ok seriously, I will try to cut back] He  means our beloved squishy gutless Republicans in Washington feel like they can’t get their hands dirty playing hardball, or even not being nicey-nicey with those dirty corn-holer Democrats in Washington, because the press will blame Repubs for everything (true enough) and the “independent voters” [sorry, did it again] will turn away from us for being contentious or whatever.

Whatever, douche bags. Well, that is the thing – at this point, to play by the rules and do the right thing means IMPEACHMENT.

And they won’t do it. Previously, playing by the rules meant filibustering judges and appointments (like Holder, Kagan, Sotomayor) who were clearly, nakedly unqualified or unfit due to the inability to conduct their business within the Constitutional role called for, and the Repbus didn’t do that either. “A [Democrat] president is entitled to his appointments”, according to Lindsey “Ben Dover” Graham. It would have taken *some* amount of guts at that time to do the right thing, according to the rules.

So by failing to play by the rules then, they box themselves into a corner where there is now no longer an acceptable choice.  Either go nuclear legally (impeach), or by blackmail (shut down all business in the Senate and.or House), or go extra-legal (what options are there? I don’t know – the citizens doing some REAL protests and REAL sit-ins, and REAL occupy?)

But one thing that I find completely, utterly unacceptable. Sit there and f-ing TAKE it.  It is not good enough to vote them out 11 months from now. They have violated the Constitution and the rule of law in a thousand ways, repeatedly, and now are at the point where they just blatantly shove it in our faces.

Wait till November? No. It can’t be allowed.

I don’t *care* if  impeachment fails. I don’t *care* if the media does their best to turn it all against us.  Sometimes you have to stand up and do what’s right, no matter the cost.  This is one of those times. And if the conservo-media does their job (which they won’t) then impeachment need not cost us any elections. But regardless, do what must be done.

Every week in England in 1943-1944, American bomber crews got into their B17’s, B24’s, and B25’s, knowing that 8-10% of them weren’t coming back. Liberty ship crews in 1939-1942 got on their ships knowing the Uboats might send 5-10% of them to a watery grave. Everybody who went to the shores on D-Day expected to die, and 12,000 did.  

Why did they all go?  And why won’t Republicans in Washington fight today, even just a little, to save our Republic?

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