Carville showing off his clueless [again]

James Carville, Democrat spin specialist and regular appearer on either CNN or MSLSD or both (why would I care, Tweetle Dumb and Tweetle Dumber Networks), offers some thoughts he calls Memo to the Republican Establishment.

He claims, in short, not to be very clear on who is this “Republican Establishment” that conservatives seem to dredge up as a boogey man of sorts. But that is just his introduction. His main point is to say our primary season has been a disaster, and that the result – seemingly that Gingrich has this thing in a walk — is all bad, bad, bad, and we are all stupid, stupid, stupid, and that he is happy, happy, happy.

Well, you see he’s a spin guy for the Democrats. That’s his job. What exactly would you expect him to say?

So read the article, It has all the substance of helium balloon. Let’s see:

  • I’m a GOP Establishment denier. I don’t even see a divide between what the GOP voters want, and what the ass-clowns they voted for in Washington are doing.
  • In order to choose a candidate more conservative than the one being pushed by this non-existent GOP Establishment, voters have settled on a guy who has dings on his record, as opposed to Barack “Bill Ayers Solyndra Fast Furious Drilling Moratorium Ten Percent Unemplyment New Black Panthers Trillions In New Debt Bow To DIctators Thats Not A War In Libya Illegal Appointments Extravagant Vacations Ninety Golf Outings Cant Talk Without A Teleprompter” Obama, whose record is all shiny and still has that new smell.

Yeah, whatever, Coon Ass.

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