Overnite Pete, Tuesday edition

Well, let’s get the 273rd “debate” of the season discussed and dismissed. Honestly, why the candidates subject themselves to another in a long line of charades put on by the Commie media wing of the Commie party, hosted for the purpose of discrediting all things American and conservative…..oh, I remember now. We can thank the RNC and The Mad Puppy Priebus, who has his nose so far up the major partisan media’s ass it must tickle their throats. Nice, now that there’s only four candidates left, that Brian still holds them to 30 second answers.

To sum up all the memorable moments of this sound-bite contest…..

So ok, next topic. It’s a bit in the past, but a thought or two on the attention-getting South Carolina victory by Professor ShinyObject over Flipper Goodhair, HWESOT (He who endorsed Specter over Toomey), and Captain Crazypants. The waters of SC for the second consecutive time are home to the shipwreck tombs of the two men who should have been the nominee and president. That’s Fred Thompson and Rick Perry, for those not quick on the uptake. Thanks for nothing, jerks. Nobody likes you, did I ever tell you that?

That said, it is at least some consolation that the voters of Stupid Carolina did muster up enough of the Tea Party spirit to make the GOP Establishment their prison bitch. Boehner, McConnell, Rove, National Review, Weekly Standard, all you surrender monkeys, take THAT! No reacharaound for you, pal.

I know, I previously said this was Perry’s all the way, from day 1. Don’t want to talk about that, and screw all of you. It should have happened. But now that it hasn’t, I’ll come out with this. Gingrich has this nomination, and it won’t go till the convention. Not because he’s all that — he has his assets, and in the absence of Perry and Cain, I can live with him — but this has much more to do with the party base, aka the Tea Party, rejecting, resoundingly, the orders handed down from the Elite. There will be no more of that, possibly ever. Gingrich’s #1 asset happens to be a truly right-place, right-time thing. Possibly the biggest gripe (but there are so many….) of the party faithful is that we nominate mealy-mouth wussies who won’t challenge the Dems either in the election, or in governance if they win. With all Newt’s faults, he is genuinely gifted at taking the whip out, and laying the leather on the bad guys. That resonates to a depth that the Establishment simply can’t comprehend. It’s because they are idiots. GOP Establishment, heeeeeeere’s your sign.

Newt will bury Obama in a massive landslide, and that’s even counting the cheating that the Commies will do on a wholesale scale. Perry would have won by that much too, drawl and stumbling rhetoric and all. For different reasons — his genuine conservatism and stunningly awesome track record with economy, chiefly. So screw all of you who swallowed the “he can’t debate” meme and decided Perry could not beat Obama. I have a whole cargo plane full of Kiss My Ass, and you can have a wheelbarrow full of it free. My treat. Nah, no need to thank me, it’s what I do.

Btw, Newt will be bringing the coattails with him too. +15 in the House (making it 257-178), and +10 in the Senate (making it 57-43 Repubs). Sounds crazy?

Lest you think my predictive rants are just so much gas. I am the guy who said, way back in July of 2009 (Before the TP emerged as a force, and before the war to stop BambiCare went nuclear) that we would do +80/+10 in the 2010 midterms. Sure, we only did +63/+7 (lost a bet by not getting the 80). But remember, I said that, over at LordOfTheFliesville, when most of the smart-guy Elites viewed as probably unattainable the +39 that would give us the majority, and figured on +3 in the Senate. Mine was a lonely voice in the summer of 09. That was before the crazy August recess, before Scott Brown. In fact, I predicted the August recess thing (that would be the townhalls from hell, ICYMI).

Expect those coattails, just like 2010, to go down to the state houses too. America has had it with the big government thing. This backlash is officially underway, and it’s not a temper tantrum, it’s not ill-advised and rash. It’s eminently practical, as Wisconsin has shown us so well.

Listen to Pete. If we get our relatively conservative nominee, you can book that +15/+10.

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