SOTU and overnite Pete – Wednesday edition

Oh good grief. I assume nobody took that SOTU seriously. Except, apparently, Lawrence O’Donnell, who wants to bear Barry’s love child. Or sire it. I’m not sure how that works out between those two. Anyway, he says it was the best speech he ever saw. Tell you what, next time I lose a pool match by scratching on the 8-ball, I want a stiff shot of whatever Larry has been drinking.

I didn’t watch or listen, just watched the twitter thing go like crazy while I was doing other stuff. And I gotta tell you, twitter was fun. Conservatives are not nice people.

So, in other shocking news Teh Krugman over at Tass wants to see more Romney tax records. He goes on for a couple of paragraphs about why (I kind of lost track of whatever point he was making), and closes with “Yes, my tax rate is a lot higher than Romney’s. And I support policies that would raise it further.” Paul, did you ever have the slightest interest in Obama’s financial dealings with Tony Rezco? Not really? Then how about a nice steaming cup of STFU. But I will note that if a Pulitzer Prize winning economics professor is not able to take advantage of various shelters, instruments, deductions, and write offs found somewhere in 500,000 pages of tax code so he doesn’t get a 35% bite taken out of his income, then that guy is kind of a dumbass, isn’t he?

I would like to see if Krugman could run an unsubsidized hot dog stand for more than two weeks. I seriously doubt it. And I’d really NOT like to see him actually take over a business that had more than a single employee. That would cost somebody a job. I think if you get his ilk outside of their fishbowl world where stuff behaves according to their simplistic religion, their clinical reality goes splat up against the real dirty world.

Sort of like Communism.

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