Overnite Pete – Thursday GM flaming kabob edition

So, it irks me a little that I thought of this first, but didn’t put it in print. I certainly thought of it before Rush brought it up, but hey, anyway. All this talk of Mittens and his tax returns, and somehow it’s not enough. But last night Macho Bambi got his stupid on and went on and on about how Warren Buffet’s secretary paid more taxes than Warren Buffet did. I say BS. Let’s see HER taxes, and for that matter, let’s see Mister Buffet’s too. I bet Buffet pays his personal secretary well up into the low $100k range, putting her into a fairly high tax bracket herself.

Now, how about this. Government Motors puts out these electric cars that nobody buys, the Chevy Volt Spark. They go up like flaming kababs in the crash tests. That fact is reported to the NHTSA very, very late after the fact. Then the Obama NHTSA investigates Obama Motors, finding no problem, and the Obama Media finds nothing remarkable about the entire affair. Nothing to see here, folks.

If you travel back a couple of years in your way back time machine you may remember perhaps the matter of Toyota, and the specious claims of “unintended acceleration” in the Prius. The dumbest of all the dumb cabinet members in the dumbest administration ever, DOT Secretary Ray LaHood, got in front of cameras and told Toyota drivers that they should not even drive their Prius to the dealership to get it looked at, but should have it towed, since the danger was so great. When Toyota refused to roll over and die like other Obama enemies, LaHood fined Toyota $16M due to failure to report and act on anecdotal and ultimately discredited claims. Yeah, that’s equal protection under the law.

So, did you hear that on Roe v Wade Day, there were 200,000 right-to-life marchers in Washington? No? Really? I bet you did hear about the dozens of smelly OWS idiots there at the same time. Nice going, Commie Media.

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