Overnite Pete – What Mittens bought for Moo

All this talk of Mittens and his tax returns, and somehow forking out a good annual $3M from your own earnings is not enough.

Really now. Half of Americans pay no taxes (or less) every year. Meanwhile Romney pays enough tax, every stinking year, to :

  • buy 150 Chevy Silverado pickups and give them to the government.
  • buy 10 fully decked out, high-tech armored presidential limos and give them to the government.
  • buy 3 specially outfitted and armored, made-in-Canada presidential bus-tour buses and give them to the government.
  • Pay for 8 extra-special vacations for Moo and 40 of her closest friends in Spain, renting out 30 rooms in a 5-star Med coast resort. Every year. Yes. Eight trips like that. Right out of Mitt’s pocket.
  • pay for 30 times, at $100k a pop, that Moo can leave 4 hours early to go on vacations ahead of Bambi.
  • Fund the operations of the entire US government for 25 seconds.

How many 5-star vacations do you have to fund for moo, out of your own pocket, before you’ve paid your fair share? And all you clowns at HuffPo, WaPo, and the alphabet networks, who are all over Mitt’s back about it, how many vacations for Moo have you paid for?

I am guessing AZ Governor Jan Brewer got the best of Bambi in that little tete-a-tete on the tarmac. She’s got her finger up his nose in widely circulated pictures. Plus, Bambi has always played second fiddle to the strong broads in his life.

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