Overnite Pete – Convenient Jesus

Hello peeps, tonight I’m filling in. Pete and Ed are out on the town in Addison, and if there’s anybody who can strike out with hookers on 2-for-1 night, it’s Pete. Regardless, it’s Overnight EPU. What we lack in wit and insight, we more than make up for with insipid meanderings.

On one hand, Barack the Evil is in a low-grade war to stomp out Christianity. The HHS has declared that the “religious employer” exemptions to the tender mercies of BambiCare™do not appply to Catholic Hospitals and clinics. They’ll be forced to provide health insurance that covers contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs. Obama has also been trying to compel Catholic hospitals to do elective abortions. Eight days ago, on Happy Abortion Day, barack spoke glowingly of how 55 million slaughtered unborn children have helped ensure the rights, freedoms and opportunities of our nation’s (surviving) daughters.

On the other hand there’s Barack the Good yesterday morning at the annual National Prayer Breakfast. In his 2009 address, he mentioned his favorite deity 15 times. In 2010, 10 mentions. With recent news that in state-by-state reckoning he stands to get clobbered, The Boy President™ really larded up his favorite diety with the praise, using the “I” pronoun 44 times, describing himself as an ardently praying man, and proclaiming his class warfare and anti-business regulations were inspired by his faith.

But hey, I’m onto this. (they won’t let that one embed – it’s a MUST watch)

Glasses on = Clark Kent
Glasses off = Superman

Glasses on = mild-mannered reporter
Glasses off = super-hero

At any podium = praying, caring, Jesus-loving, America-loving man
Behind desk = bitter, spiteful, petty, resentful, Jesus-hating, America-hating man.

Lois, and Americans, will never know his secret…..

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