Overnight Pete – GM, profits, paybacks

Three stories hit the airwaves today concerning Government Motors. Together they make quite a story, not that they tell us anything we didn’t already know.

Decades of union parasitism bring a once-great company to ruin. The Obamanistas step in, buy it, and give control to the same union parasites that ruined it, along with $50 billion of taxpayer money. They cancel most of their debts.So, who wouldn’t make a profit under terms like that?

Oh yeah. Solyndra.

The three stories: GM made a record $7.6 billion profit. Second story: union workers are to get an average $7000 each in profit-sharing bonuses. Third story: no more pension contributions for the salaried (i.e., non-union) employees.

That’s what you get when you put the children in charge. Petty vengeance. Fake profits. The Chevy Kindle Torch Volt.

So, barack didn’t previously realize just how bad the economy was, and that’s why he can’t pull the economy out of the ditch. That’s supposed to make me vote him in for a second term? Yeah…..no.

Government Food Nazis? Are you kidding me? Along with everything else, now we have government Food Nazis inspecting home-provided school lunches of 4-year old children, ruling them unsuitable, and forcing the kids to eat government-provided chicken nuggets?

I now live in a country where such things are done.

[Mouth open]

[Mouth closed]

[Mouth open]

[Mouth closed]

[Stalks away, shaking head and muttering under his breath….]

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