Overnite Pete – pet Repubs say TP impatience unbecoming

Day after day I watch what is happening in the Magical Pixie Dust Realm of the Beltway Republican. I ask myself, how can people with college degrees be that stupid? [I know, I know…. college….] Seriously, who keeps these people from putting their underwear on outside their pants?

In episode 21,598,723 of Establishment Repubs Are Stupid, Mike Barone (brilliant number-cruncher, room temp IQ as an analyst] brings the hammer down on those pesky Tea Partiers who impatiently expected that a Tea-Party-driven nation-wide electoral butt-stomping that included a net +67 in the House would actually…… make a difference in Washington.

They believe, reasonably, that their victory represented a repudiation of the vast expansion of government by the Obama Democrats. They want to see those policies reversed, and pronto. And if the dilatory Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the all-campaign-no-governance President Obama want a confrontation, so much the better. Such impatience is unbecoming in those who call themselves “constitutional conservatives.”

Unbecoming? Really? I can see where the tea-and-crumpets crowd might see it that way. No reason to get in a lather here. The Republic is not worth saving if you might break a nail, or get a hair out of place. God forbid you might actually get irked. Or miffed. Or even peeved. Can’t have that. Father of our Constitution James Madison would probably have a whole BF if Republicans couldn’t stick to the “my friends across the aisle” script.

Gas prices threaten all previous highs. Well golly, who knew? No Gulf drilling, no Alaska drilling, no Canada pipeline. Here, buy our government-manufactured electric cars for $30K (after $7k rebate) that goes 30 miles on a charge. I assume His Royal Highness King Barack (h/t AoSHQ) is planning to run and win on his “none of the above” energy policy. Thanks again for taxing the crap out of poor people, and causing (yet even more) unemployment. Why is it again that Repubs think it is such an uphill thing to beat this clown in November? Oh that’s right, the middle will abandon us if we come out with an extreme agenda. Like expanding domestic energy and domestic jobs, limiting government spending and overreach. Scary stuff, that.

Food Nazis! At what point is it the last straw? I dare say, if barack thought he had a prayer of recapturing North Carolina, that’s pretty much blown. And he really, really could not afford to lose NC. VA is already gone (thank you Bob McDonnell), and if Santorum is the nominee (yes, I still hate his guts), there goes PA as well. All these mid-size swing states that SCOAMF won the first time around are disintegrating. I foresee….. what is that… iceberg dead ahead. No help from Pet Repubs, but then I doubt we really need it.

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