The Congress we elected, and the Congress we got

In the last few days I have been going over some old writings. You know, about 18 months old. It brings to mind how vehemently I disagree with a commonly uttered saying that goes “the people get what they elect”, or “we deserve the government we get”, or something like that.

That is such a load of crap.

America rodeo-stomped the Democrats in November 2010. With the entire media machine, the Democrat machine, and the union machine stacked against us, we blasted them out of the saddle. Not in 72 years had America so thoroughly repudiated the party in power. The victories of Republicans, from national to state to local elections, was virtually unprecedented.

Last I recall, the GOP Establishment (the crowd that James Carville says is a myth) was predicting mild gains, mitigated by the squishy middle’s rejection of those radical Tea Party types. But patriots and Tea Party people, having tasted victory in some small skirmishes, had predicted a much bigger victory. Rather like the one we got.

Americans were rejecting the Obama-led big-government takeover. It was a violent betrayal of the trust given to our elected representatives. Sure, we were very angry, and sure, we wanted retribution for the scourge of BambiCare™, Cap-and-Trade, the Porkulus™, and the foreign policy of appeasement. But it wasn’t just retribution. We were rallying to the Founding Fathers, limited government, maximized freedom, and responsible governance.

We were emphatic. Stop The Democrats. Set America free again.

It was scarcely possible for the American people to do more than we did in November 2010.

So what did we get when we elected this Congress?

  • During the Lame Duck session before our Freshmen even got there, Boehner and McConnell put out a fire sale, giving away breath-taking concessions to the Democrats.
  • Immediately after the Freshmen got there in January 2011, Boehner and House leadership, the GOP Establishment, set about beating them down and telling them to get in line. It was a smashing success.
  • The first serious showdown arrived in March with the so-called government shut-down looming. After a suitable amount of bluster from Boehner and company, the Republicans folded, selling their souls for $67 billion in spending “cuts”, that within days was revealed to be less than $1 billion. The amount of money spent by our government in 2 hours.

It went downhill from there. Time after time after time, House and Senate leadership have folded, if they ever put up a fight at all. Not just in spending. As the Obamanistas have grown ever bolder in making a mockery of the Constitution, Congress has barely whimpered. They are always saving their ammo for the next battle. Now we have come to a point where barack makes illegal recess appointments when Congress is not in recess.

The Republicans do nothing. EPA is running amok, Holder is a veritable Heinrich Himmler and should be in prison already, the Food Nazis are inspecting lunches brought from home by students and rejecting them. In violation of a court order, a de facto moratorium on Gulf drilling remains in place.

What has this Congress done? We are even more in danger of losing our Republic than we were before the 2010 election.

Are you going to stand there and tell me that is the Congress we elected?

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