After you have withstood the siege of the the Visigoths

I just wanted to line up behind Vassar’s message saying about the Democrats, roughly paraphrased, when a punk is down, kick him. What happened in Wisconsin this week was the watershed moment for the conservative revival in America. From here on, the earth is tilted to our advantage, and we will be fighting from the higher position. We dang well better do what has to be done.

Now the fun and games are over. I mean that. What’s been done to this country the last 4 years isn’t a bit funny, nor have been two generations worth of the march to an over-arching state, the very opposite of what the Founding Fathers built and 10 generations of Patriots fought and died for.

November 2010, America voted to break the seige. We sent 90-odd new soldiers to the wall, some of them replacing soldiers who demonstrated no stomach for the fight. While the new soldiers have been a bitter disappointment, there is no question that we broke the siege, and saved the Republic for at least 2 years. We will send another 50 in November 2012 (a net +20), probably replacing some of those who campaigned one way, then governed another. In addition, we will send in a new field general. And then it’s time to open the city gates and take the war to them.

The choice
Starting in January 2013, we can drive the Visigoths back over the Alps, pursue them all the way back to Dacia, then burn down and raze their homeland into an ash-surfaced parking lot. Thus, and only thus, will be saved the Republic established by Washington, Madison, Jefferson, and other giants not named Sanger, Wilson, Roosevelt, Warren, or Obama.

Alternatively, after breaking the seige we can shout and cheer from the walls of Rome, and party for weeks on end as the Visigoths retreat and lick their wounds. If we do what we have always done, we will leave their forces relatively intact, able to regroup for an even stronger seige in 2014 or 2016. They will as always have a 5th column securely embedded in Rome in the form of the media, the government unions, and a massive bureaucracy with the power of stifling regulations ready to continue, unabated, the left’s agenda.

The Republicans will win huge
This is my belief: in November, Romney will be elected President. It will be a tough, vicious battle. Arrayed against us will be massive and well-funded efforts by the Left and the media. They have tremendous numbers of well-organized union foot soldiers who know how to turn out the vote, dead or alive, and how to cheat elections (just look at Harry Reid’s 2010 election for a textbook example). They are, finally, respectful and fearful of the power of the Tea Parties, and they will want to stomp the life out of any grass roots freedom-oriented movement. There is nothing to take for granted, no room to get sloppy or lazy.

But it will happen. We will not be sloppy, lazy, or dumb. We will gain 5 Senators and 20 House members. at the minimum. If we stay on message and work that ground game and GOTV, and actively counteract the cheating campaigns, it will be 10 and 40 (yes, that’s “inconceivable!” Book it). In 2010, we lost alot of close races that we will not lose next time if we are ready, motivated, and well-led. And this time, even many “safe” Democrats will be fighting for their lives. Along with the net gains, there will be a shocking number of Republicans who lose in primaries to Tea Party candidates who will then win in the general election.

We will have the presidency and both Houses with workable majorities. I hope to God that the new members vote in new leadership. I hold Boehner, Cantor, and McConnell as Vichy traitors, useless and in fact detirmental to getting done the business of conservative governance.

The Tea Parties are just getting started
Speaking of the Tea Parties, they are just now finding their footing. They will grow wiser and more…. thorough…… in their attention to candidates, new and incumbent, Republican and Democrat. More thorough in their knowledge of ground game, funding, technology, and the methods and goals of their enemies. Interestingly and to their credit, they will remain fiercely decentralized and contentious, but most importantly, due to them Americans as a whole will be more engaged, more informed, more diligent, more watchful of the goings-on in Washington (and in their own city councils and state halls), from January 2011 to November 2012 than in any 2-year period in American history. And they will not be satisfied with what they see. They will demand better at every level. I dare say that neither Republicans nor Democrats of this age are prepared for the kind of scrutiny they have gotten this cycle, and this will only get better in 2014.

Taking care of business after this election
America has one chance at this, and if we do it partway in 2013-2014, the window will close. After we win, we must have bold conservatives voted into leadership of the House (Pence, Cnl West, Ryan would do nicely), and Senate (DeMint, DeMint, Demint, and Coburn), and the RNC. God knows there is work to do, getting spending under control, getting the bureaucracy under control, liberating America from the regulatory state, liberating our economy from the iron grip of the previous regime.

That’s not all. 2012 will be another banner year for the state houses as well. And down at the local level it’s time to start a major purge of county commissioners, councilpersons, mayors, and above all, school board members. It is at this level that the slow creep of leftism has done the most damage. Time to take back the streets.

In addition, what President Romney must do, with strong support from Congress, is start a huge cleanup of bureaucracies. Time to make public sector unions illegal, and time to get all the enemies of America out of CIA, State, and Defense. Time to dismantle the architecture that allows the government to bloat. Shut down entire cabinet agencies. If Obamacare is not struck down in toto by SCOTUS, repeal the whole thing. And, oh my goodness, we’ve got to start over with foreign policy. Get the economy going, get America back to work, get the oil flowing. Lots of work to do, undoing the Obama years.

One more thing. There are many members of the current administration (certainly Holder, Salazar, and Sebilius, and a long list of czars), as well as current (Reid, Franks, Feinstein that I know of) and former members of Congress (I’m looking at you, Chris Dodd) who need to be in federal prison for crimes committed while ostensibly in the service of their country. This is not a time to forgive and forget, a time to let bygones be bygones. There is something very utilitarian about running around the city with the heads of criminals from the previous regimes on the end of a pike. Take a page from the EPA and make examples of them. Only, unlike the EPA, we would be meting out justice and righteous retribution, securing the liberation of Americans from tyranny.

It sends a message. This is what becomes of tyrants. GWB didn’t send that message. GHWB didn’t either, and when you get down to it, RWR also did not. In that respect, those guys failed us, and allowed the Visigoths live to fight another day, eventually to crash our gates, to infiltrate, to propogandize, and nearly take Rome in 2009-2010. Only the spirit of Patrick Henry and the Tea Parties saved us then.

Never again. The evil men are down. Get a nice running start and jump on them, heels up, spurs down.

If you fail to do so, then your children will pay the price when the Visigoths come back 4 or 8 years later, sack Rome, and burn it to the ground.

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