Silly Holder says constitutional crisis looming

Most of us have been aware of that for quite some time, Captain Moron.

Monday, under questioning by Chuck Grassley in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Eric Holder described his predicament with Darrell Issa’s House Government Oversight Committee on Fast & Furious (short version: Issa has the goods on him, and Holder will be going to federal prison) as a “constitutional crisis”. He used the term 3 times.

I can see where a high ranking government official might resort to high-toned rhetoric in proclaiming his innocence when he is caught ordering a criminal enterprise run out of his office, then lying about it under oath repeatedly and going to great lengths to cover up his involvement. People like to think of themselves as in the right, and on the side of good against evil. I would think this especially true for the highest ranking law enforcement official in America.

But still, it’s funny to watch. Seriously, Eric? Constitutional crisis?

There is such a thing as a Constitutional crisis
What Holder specifically objects to (this time), if I am to understand it right — and here’s a guy that can take six paragraphs to answer a yes-or-no question, so I’m not sure how close I am — is being forced to release the official versions of documents that Issa already has copies of from a whistleblower, that were sealed under court order. Holder says Issa should not have them because they were sealed. Issa says, well hey I DO have them, so tough noogies, and MY GOD THIS SURE IS FASCINATING READING THAT SHOWS HOLDER TO BE BOTH A PERJURER AND PROBABLY THE MASTERMIND OF THE WHOLE OPERATION!!!!!!

But really. Constitutional crisis? So Eric, in the large scheme of things, would that be more or less of a Constitutional crisis than, say, the death of President Harrison 30 days into office in 1841, when the Constitution was not perfectly clear on whether the VP actually succeeded the President, or whether he was just “acting President” until a new election? Or, when half the country seceded in 1861? (Constitution Daily has five of these)

Holder is a fine one to talk
Holder squeals like a stuck pig when he’s caught with his hands in the cookie jar, insisting that everybody else has to play by strict rules. That’s really rich when he’s the dirtiest and most dishonorable AG in my lifetime. In general, cabinet administration officials serve to carry out the president’s agenda. The Attorney General is different. He is responsible for applying justice to every American, and he serves nobody’s agenda other than that. He doesn’t actually serve the president. He serves America, the Constitution, and duly enacted laws. Holder, by contrast, has operated as a complete partisan hack and a race baiter, applying justice in a decidedly unequal manner. In addition, he almost certainly holds some responsibility for the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

So I’m just thinking out loud, but if the nation’s chief law enforcement officer goes off the rails and nobody stops him, isn’t that at least a little bit of a Constitutional crisis? After all, this is a man who:

  • dismissed the open-and-shut voter intimidation case against a group of racists who stood outside a voting place with billy clubs in the 2008 election.
  • describes blacks (but not whites or Asians or Hispanics) as “my people”.
  • described white America “a nation of cowards” for not addressing to his satisfaction whatever racial grievances he harbors.
  • sued Arizona to block implementation of an illegal immigration law designed to mirror and complement federal laws which the Justice Department under Holder were specifically not enforcing.
  • has sued several Republican states under cover of the Voter Rights Act, because they passed laws requiring a voter to show government-issued photo IDs (he calls that racism).
  • has blocked Florida from purging its voting rolls of ineligible voters, because….. well I am not sure what his excuse is. The actual reason is, as we all know, because such purging would interfere with Democrat electoral cheating.
  • ran to Wisconsin just before Governor Walker’s recall election to “monitor” the process in case pitchfork-carrying Republicans practiced voter intimidation against college kids who were voting at multiple voting places (I guess that’s what he was looking for).
  • in 2001 in the last days of President Clinton, brokered the cash-for-pardons deal that got billionaire fugitive tax cheat Marc Rich pardoned.
  • has now been caught telling huge whopping lies under oath about his knowledge of and involvement in Operation Fast & Furious.

If I have this straight, none of those are a big deal to Holder, but if the Oversight Committee Chairman finds proof, outside of channels, that Holder is a perjurer and a crook, that is a constitutional crisis?

It’s just really hard not to laugh.

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