There was only one thing “botched” about Fast-and-Furious

Virtually every time the TreasonMedia™ bring up Captain Moron’s criminal operation called Fast & Furious, they speak of it as a “botched” operation. That suggests that they meant well, but either the planning or the execution of the operation was flawed. You see, they meant to sell guns to Mexican drug lords, and they would track the guns back to the bandit hideouts and …. uh, do something [I suppose either raid them in Mexican territory and issue them voter cards, or take away their forks and knives].

Documents in the hands of House Government Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa tell quite a different story, as do recent and not-so-recent public statements by Holder himself. In an administration that has exceeded our wildest imaginations in terms of arrogance and outright lawlessness, this one may win the prize.

What they claim they did
These things have either been claimed outright, or just left for you to assume. Holder, his upper echelon of fellow felons, and the complicit TreasonMedia™ have all made this their mantra.

  • ATF, possibly in concert with other agencies like DEA, set up an operation to have local Arizona gun dealers sell high-powered weapons that would fall into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels.
  • Upper echelons of ATF and DOJ were either blissfully unaware of this operation, or were aware of it but did not order it.
  • The goal of the operation was to [I am not certain what we are supposed to assume here] either catch bad guys, learn much more about the inner workings of the cartels, or something else. Or we can just make something up.
  • AND BUSH DID IT TOO!!!! [the explanation for why this is a huge lie is lengthy, so I will skip it. But it is a big fat lie and the Obama administration knows it. And yet it’s the kind of thing that the media can play up to minimize exposure to citizen anger.]
  • Somehow, out in the field, the actual tracking of the guns didn’t really happen.
  • Since the tracking didn’t happen, then the ultimate agenda [whatever they are saying it was] failed. Henced, a “botched” operation.
  • The murders of federal agents Jaime Zapata and Brian Terry are tragic and unfortunate consequences of an operation gone terribly wrong, but nobody in Obama’s administration is actually to blame. Please remember that the word following “blame” is always “Bush”.
  • The DOJ has had an active investigation into these events going on for well over a year now. No indictments, no firings, no arrests, and no reports.

What documents and statements reveal they actually did

  • Operation Fast & Furious was planned and discussed, by name, at the highest levels of several agencies, including DOJ, ATF, DEA(but curiously not ICE or Border Patrol who would be closest to the front lines on any such operation).
  • It was never intended that the weapons would be tracked. In fact, low-level agents who attempted to follow the weapons (as per standard protocol in any sting operations) were specifically ordered by their superiors to stand down.
  • The operation was intended to cause mayhem that the Obama administration could then use to agitate for gun control laws. They would point at the violence that could be traced to guns sold by American dealers to Mexican cartels, then blame lax gun dealing laws, blame all “bitter clingers”, and gain a symathetic ear in an American public that was sick of drug cartel violence. In the “never let a crisis go to waste” mentality, they would totally manufacture a crisis, then ride to the rescue with a left-wing government solution.
  • At no point was the Mexican government made aware of this operation.
  • The murders of two American agents was just exactly what they must have been looking for. This would cause maximum outrage, where the deaths of over 200 Mexicans at the hands of other Mexicans with these weapons would garner very little attention.
  • It is very curious (as noted by Vassar here) that the American-sold weapons were left at the scenes of these murders by the murderers. In the real world, how often does THAT happen? But in an operation in which the administration would want it known that guns from American dealers was responsible, it makes perfect sense. That leads to a very dark, dark conclusion that is almost unthinkable – that drug cartels were instructed by government people to use F&F weapons in violent crimes, then leave them at murder scenes to be found by authorities who would then track them back to American gun dealers. I don’t know how I can get away from that conclusion. That is unfathomably evil. Fortunately, it is also prosecutable, and soon we will have a Republican President, a Republican Attorney General, and Republican Department of Justice. Karma, sweet karma.

The operation appears to have succeeded at the ground level. Several thousand guns were sold and made their way into the hands of violent Mexicans (one assumes the cartels). These guns were used to commit over 200 murders, including two American agents. Guns left at the scene of these murders were traced back to American gun dealers. So far so good.

Yet this goes down as a botched operation. Why? Because these Obamanistas are as stupid as well as evil. Low-level agents who were instructed to stand down were furious. This caused a great deal of low-level blowback. Lots of reports were generated by such agents who wanted to let it be known that they had broken protocol only at the behest of higher-ups. I don’t believe the planners expected this kind of blowback, and the unavoidable paper trail. Probably because patriotism, sense of duty, and respect for law and order are alien concepts to Leftists.

Inevitably reports name names of superiors, who in turn report to more senior administration officials. This had no chance whatsoever of being kept quiet. That is what was botched. The American people were very quickly apprised of how the guns got across the border, and so the administration was unable to lay the blame at the feet of “rogue gun dealers”, “gun show loopholes”, and excessively lax gun laws.

The trail led directly back to the Obamanistas.

Fail. And for the record, not just wrong, but deeply, deeply evil.

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