Call the Waaaambulance! Rising sea levels not funny!

This just in! The mainstream and unbiased scholars at MSNBC/MSLSD are not amused. Republicans don’t believe in the Global Warming Hoax, and not only that, they seem to want to make fun of “Globers”.

The commies at MSLSD are fine with constantly lying about conservatives throwing granny over the cliff, about the violent and racist Tea Party people. They can mock conservatives’ dismay over the skyrocketing debt, and over the massive corruption and denial of freedoms under ObamaCare™, ObamaIRSDenyConservatives501c4Status™, ObamaEPAYouCantBuildThat™, ObamaBuyUnionsACouplaCarCompanies™, and ObamaCronyFakeGreenCompanies™.

They can routinely accuse us of being the racist party while MSNBC fails to show RNC speeches from 5 Republican minority speakers on Tuesday in order to make the convention look all-white. Apparently that’s all good.

But hey, poke a little fun at their own Glober religion? Oooooh, that is bad. Apparently, this little riff from Romney’s acceptance speech has lefty panties all bunched up:

President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family.

This blog from some yahoo on TheMaddowBlog is titled “Rising Sea Levels Aren’t Funny“. Yes, he actually titled the article that way. I actually laughed until I cried. So many points of humor :

  • First, the title of the blog pre-supposes that sea levels are rising. Um, no they are not, and no competent scientist thinks so.
  • “as if the very idea of addressing the climate crisis is ridiculous….”. OK, I see that “climate crisis” is the new phrase. Well, seeing as how we now know the so-called climate scientists fabricated all their data, we also know there is no “climate crisis”.
  • “…and those who take this seriously are fools worthy of mockery.” To comment on this would be to gild the lily.
  • The Junior Madcow author believes killing Obamacare will cause you and your family to have “less access to affordable health care.” Because…..the government will do for the whole country what they are doing for veterans in the VA hospitals?
  • Apparently throwing that bum Obama out will give families “less access to education, and fewer investments in roads and infrastructure.” How much Porkulus money actually went to those “shovel-ready” projects? And exactly who does not have access to government indoctrination camps education? Heck, even illegal alien kids, by the million, are taught in public schools, and would also be under a Romney administration.
  • “The Republican audience took their cues, literally laughing at Obama’s efforts to address global warming” – like Solyndra, like the Chevy Volt, like shutting down coal industry and Gulf drilling (at least for American rigs). Yeah.
  • And finally, the underlying premise of the whole thing is that this ass-clown listened to His Royal Majesty’s speech where he said the fact of his nomination would be looked back on as the day when the rise of sea levels began to stop rising. First, this idiot believes that Obama has the power to stop sea levels rising (if, you know, they actually HAD been rising). Second, he believes that Obama actually cares about it. Sucker.

Anyway, I don’t expect to convert fools over. I don’t expect left-wing bloggers to understand the basics of science. And I don’t expect them to give up their life-sustaining anger and hatred.

But it is fun to see them when they know they are getting mocked. Reminds me of when a cat gets all wet.

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