Not My President, part 7 of 50: Libyan Ambassador murdered, Neville Chamberlain heads to Vegas

Really, barack?

Does America really, truly have a White House occupier who can’t even get himself worked up over a day that involved 2 American embassies breached, flags taken down, desecrated and replaced with a black Islamic flag, and culminating in the murder of our Ambassador to Libya by a mob? He’s delivered a couple of tepid statements decrying “senseless violence” and now is proceeding to Las Vegas for previously scheduled campaign events. What kind of unserious, golf-playing parlor dilettante does that?

Let’s put it this way. Not my president.

There’s so much wrong in the Libyan situtation that one hardly knows where to start. What I mean is, there’s so much wrong in the Libyan situation ENTIRELY AVOIDABLE AND FOR WHICH THE BLAME SHOULD BE LAID AT THE FEET OF OBAMA that one hardly knows where to start.

First, this administration from the beginning embarked on a foolhardy and reckless policy toward the militant Islamists in the Middle East. Long-term posture of appeasement toward not only the Middle East (except for Israel) but militant Islamist forces has not resulted in the hoped-for better and renewed warm-fuzzy relations with that “religion of peace”. I believe the word “unexpectedly” applies here the same as every time we have bad economic news. Instead, as every conservative in America could have easily predicted, this policy has resulted in forces of evil in ever-growing boldness and power. We are not loved more abroad; we are in fact hated more. Now we can add to that the fact that we are not even respected or feared.

Second, the Obama administration was fully behind the “Arab Spring”, a movement with a thin veneer of democracy that any person not an idiot could see was backed by Muslim extremists such as Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Third, Obama personally conducted an illegal war to support the overthrow of the Ghaddafi regime in Libya. The military activities were clearly in violation of the Constitution, clearly in violation of the War Powers Act, and it’s not like he was not called on it. Republicans in Congress raised up the hue and cry loudly, while the Complicit Media pretty much blacked it out. This regime of extremists now in charge of Libya are people that Obama empowered to get there. Their views were widely known beforehand, and this week’s events can hardlly be a surprise.

So now, the stage was set for this week. Yesterday’s murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans is a despicable and outrageous act that requires retribution. Circumstances surrounding the events strongly suggest that Libyan officials were complicit.

What would a real president do? OK, not counting the fact that a real president would not have taken steps 1, 2, and 3 that got us here. Pretend a real president was installed today. What would he do in response to this act of war?

There would be a response that rhymes with “air strikes”. And he wouldn’t be headed off to Vegas for campaign events. None of this “peace in our time” business.

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