Wherefore the Vichy Republican Press?

I’ve always loved the two old-school words whence and wherefore. Whence doesn’t mean “when” (it means “from where”) and wherefore doesn’t mean “where” (it means “why). But I digress…..

We’ve all noticed in this campaign that many big players in the conservative press seem to have gone to great effort to do everything possible to undermine conservative goals – not exactly a surprise, and not exactly the first time (ahem do the 72,000 choruses of “John McCain, the electable candidate!” ring a bell?). During the primaries they undermined Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Herman Cain, and promoted the moderate Mitt Romney. They got their wish. However, once Romney got the nomination, he became suddenly a much more aggressive candidate and effective communicator for conservative principles than anybody thought he would be. I know, I’m still stunned.

Why do they do it? [they are stupid louts] Do they want to lose? [probably] Are they that ashamed of real-life conservative and family values? [yes] Do they really think we are the uncouth, unsophisticated bumpkins? [yes]

I believe that the GOP Establishment and leadership are institutionalized (to use a term from the movie Shawshank Redemption). They are so used to and so content with second-class status, with the chains put on them by the Democrats and the evil press, so comfortable knowing their place and their duties, that they desperately fear “a big life” (a term from the TV show Bones) outside the walls. They believe the polls by leftist outfits like the Washington Post and PPP; they hear only the media cacophony and believe that is representative of the opinions and views of Joe and Jane Voter; and they believe that there is no Republican force that can withstand a full media onslaught, in spite of the evidence right in front of their eyes.

They wouldn’t know what to do with freedom, or with freedom of expression, or the dominant political status. They would be terrified, living in stark fear of their own printed words and statements being the “opinion of record” for America. They can’t cope with a Tea Party that won’t take “sit down and shut up” for an answer. They can’t work with a candidate (even a moderate one) who won’t let the press bully him into silence, who punches back HARD (God bless him); who articulates, in public and for the record, conservative values. They are in sheer panic, not so much that he might win, but that they might be viewed in their parlor liberal world as being in favor of the crude, simplistic, mom-and-apple-pie foolishness that Romney preaches.

So they tut-tut these recalcitrant, unherdable cat conservatives and candidates. I am not certain that they deliberately undermine them at this stage. Perhaps so, perhaps not. But they make clear their disapproval of Republican candidates taking the gloves off and tossing aside the so-called “gentleman’s rules” (which are in fact required ONLY if the other side plays by them too – that not being the case, the first party is expected, according to actual gentleman’s rules, to play hard-knuckled himself, and not be taken advantage of).

Bottom line for me – I’m keeping score on these Vichy Republicans. I despise them. I mock their cowardice, and their moral equivalence arguments that tolerate the unvarnished anti-freedom evil of the Left. The minute we drive out the Nazis, I am all in for retribution. I am not going to coexist with Joe Scarborough, Erick Erickson, Peggy Noonan, George Will, and the lot.

When we get the country back, it’s going to be shaved heads for the prostitutes who profited from the occupiers. They can keep their jobs with the Compliant Media. History will not honor them as members or leaders of the movement that restored America to greatness.

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