Overnite Pete: final debate notes

Yeah, I’ve been gone awhile. Deal with it. And don’t hold back on the tuna.

OK now, Bambi says he’s kept faith with the troops. Which is, of course: why no in-theater troops can seem to get any absentee ballots; why the ROE keep getting our young patriots killed; why active-duty military would have missed paychecks in the early 2009 government shutdown since Resident Bambi marked troops as “non-essential government personnel”; all those Navy corpse-men; 104 rounds of golf, 1700 troops killed (h/t EPU); and I could go on awhile.

Yeah, you regular troop-hugging dandy you.

In other debate notes, Romney decided not to pummel His Royal Highness on Libya, which I found faintly irritating but I get it. Mittens has this election in a walk (actually an avalanche, on the 56-44 order – Jaded over at UP says look more at 60-40). All he has to do in the last debate is look presidential (he did) score some points on the foreign policy of appeasement (apology tour was a body slam – straight out of the Tea Party VRWC code book), and don’t risk anything. Big success, and as a bonus, he had the Bamster sputtering more than once.

Chrissy Matthews can pee his pants again over how awesome his man-god was. OMG did you see him after debate 2? According to him Obama had out-debated Lincoln at Gettysburg, out-orated Cicero, and out-generalled Alexander the Great. But Romney had a 28-10 lead going into the fourth quarter. Final score, 35-20. Suck on it, pal. Your guy is going down, and thank God our country may yet be saved.

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