Anybody here too tired to fight 5 more days?

In some degree, we’ve been counting the days to this November the 6th for 4 years. Or perhaps for 24 years. Or perhaps since ObamaCare was passed, or since Porkulus was passed, or since the November 2010 thrashing we gave to the Visigoths. Maybe since Chief Justice Benedict Roberts stole a big one for the Bolshevik team.

Any way you count it, this Tuesday has been circled on the calendar for quite some time. It is the day that the forces of the Constitution are arrayed from one side of the valley to the other, against the forces of Statism. The valley is filled from wall to wall, and there is nobody on the battlefield who has not trained and worked tireless days, weeks, and months, all pointed to this day.

Every helmet and breastplate has been cleaned and polished to a shine, every dent hammered out. Every strap is on tight. Every weapon has been checked and rechecked, every blade honed down to a fine edge.

This is the day we have lived for.

If the work, the ongoing skirmishes and battles leading up to this have sapped you of your strength, if your courage has run out, if you no longer have the stomach for war, then I submit that you’ve forgotten, or perhaps never knew, what we are fighting for. This is not the red team against the blue team. This is our Republic. It is in mortal peril.

We are fighting for individual liberty here and across the world, for the ascendancy of Exceptionalist America, for ordered freedom, for justice, for God and Country. It is for this that over a million soldiers have died over 230 years, to secure and protect this flag, this Republic, this Constitution, this Vision, this Hope.

If that’s not enough to propel you to the day of battle, here in the predawn darkness, then I suggest you turn in your weapons and armor, hike up your skirt and trundle on over the ridge to safety before the battle gets started. You go ahead and have yourself some tea and crumpets.

For the rest of us, it’s win or die. This day we intend to soak the earth with the blood of our enemies. If it requires the cost of our own blood, then so be it. At the end of this day, November 6, we will have saved our Republic and vanquished the Visigoths, or died trying.

So. Anybody here too tired to fight for 5 more days?

Yes? No?

I didn’t think so. Not here.

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