Overnite Pete: Sandy fallout

So the big hurricane/norther/perfect storm hit Monday, and unlike last year’s storm of the century (Irene), this one packed a large wallop. But soon enough the wind and the tidal surge passed, and now we do have a mess on our hands. The NJ coast, Lower Manhattan, and Staten Island seem to have suffered terribly. Electricity out, plumbing and drinkable water out, gasoline out, tunnels and bridges in and out closed (or monitored by Bloomy for those trying to sneak out without at least 3 to a car).

There was at least a week’s notice that this was coming. I don’t begrudge that the infrastructure took a huge hit. I only partly begrudge ordinary people not planning a little better for food/water/gas shortages. And then that idiot barack strolled around the Jersey shore in his photo-op with FatBoy™ and actually said “if they need something, we figure out a way to say yes”, in association with something he called the “15 minute rule.”

Yeah, right.

The Boy President made a speech (apparently his solution for everything), then jaunted over to…. you guessed it, Vegas. Meanwhile, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE (that’s me 🙂 ) why is power/plumbing/gas shortages causing civil unrest 5 days later, with no relief in sight? We understand he doesn’t like America, but these are not those gun-toting bitter clingers in TX and AZ. These are his blue-state peeps here. That is cold, simply one cold, cold, heartless man.

Skip for the moment the typical Commie Media treatment here (in short, by this time in the Katrina aftermath, GWB was already sentenced to the 9th ring of hell for not having New Orleans rebuilt better than new). Barack, how can you make those promises, and apparently give nobody in your administration the responsibility to see it happen? You just abandoned those people. The storm caused a certain number of deaths (sub-100, and I don’t think that number will ever be firmed up). But there is going to be a body count associated with taking OVER A WEEK to bring a semblance of order and provision to the devastated areas. And it ain’t going to be a low body count. It’s going to be over 100, and might go much higher. And it won’t be just starving/contaminated water poisoning/cold. There are going to be killings in those gas lines, and in burglaries and looting.

Obama, seriously. You really can’t get out of our lives fast enough.

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