On MI anti-RTW union mobs, and thoroughly evil Democrats

The left-side activities going on this week by union thugs, by Democrat legislators, by the left-dominated news media, and of course by your president, not mine, the HCSIC, would be breath-taking in their scale of hate, of lawlessness, of intimidation, of pure anti-American spirit — except that actual Americans have come to expect this of them routinely.

Nothing new.

But hey, just because their evil is commonplace and silently sanctioned by the standing US government doesn’t mean that the point need not be made. Many people simply have trouble with the abundantly obvious, so let’s lay it out there: Democrats are manifestly and deeply evil.

Michigan is the hub of the domestic auto industry (the former GM, Ford, and Chrysler, now called Government Motors, Ford, and Fiat), and as such may be the very epicenter of the labor union infestation of America, with the full cooperation of the state government for decades. As a result, the state has one of the worst unemployment rates in the nation. Crime-ridden and half-empty Detroit teeters on the edge of default. So the fact that the legislature majorities and governor swung sharply Republican in 2010 may be no huge surprise.

So. The Right to Work legislation was passed today, and without getting too much into the features, pros, and cons, suffice it to say that this single move takes away a massive amount of the power, political and otherwise, wielded by unions over employees, businesses, and the state. And when Democrats have their gravy train threatened, we know how it goes.

In 2009 during Tea Party’s nascent rise to prominence in the town hall meetings, the SEIU “Purple People Beaters” were out in force, assaulting, biting off fingers, intimidating. In 2011 in Wisconsin, they attempted to hijack the legislative process (you know, that thing known as “the normal workings of fairly elected governments”), pulled legislative shenanigans, filled legislative corridors, common areas, and all the outdoor areas with unruly, screaming thugs, made threats on the persons of legislators. Many of these bullies were bused in from out of state (and I’m trying to see where that fits into the democratic process). Teachers attended protests instead of teaching class, and even brought young children (who don’t know any better) out to chant with them. Evil, that is, to warp young minds intentionally. Dark, dark.

Now this. Obama and his henchman Holder having survived the 2012 election (I do not say that they won) means there is no crime the Democrats/unions/media can commit against the people of America for which they will be forced to pay. And it shows.

Here we see what they do when they know they will face no punishment:

  • Democrat Michigan legislators, seeing that they were not going to be able to stop passage of the legislation, said “there will be blood,” encouraging the mob scene and violence that then came.
  • Jimmy Hoffa, head of the Teamsters Union, called for a “civil war” on air on CNN.
  • Just as in Wisconsin, thousands (yes, thousands) of union thugs poured into the building housing the legislature during the final debate and passage of the bill, chanting, disrupting, intimidating, and assaulting.
  • Outside the building were riots more protests, vandalism, and assault. On video, FNC contributor and RTW counter-protester Steven Crowder was assaulted twice (that I could tell) on camera.
  • The tent set up by AFP was pulled down by union thugs, with people in it.
  • I thought it was not possible for Obama to have a bigger jackass than Robert Gibbs for a spokesman. I was wrong, oh so very wrong. Current Obama spokesman and supreme crap-weasel Jay Carney played dumb on the thuggery in Lansing, having no condemnation for the “there will be blood” threat. Obama himself accused Republican leaders of “taking away your rights.”
  • Statewide, teachers went on a “sick-in”, calling in sick, which caused numerous schools to close for the day.
  • Naturally, the left-media did their part. CNN mentioned no thuggery, no assaults. According to them, they were all singing kum-ba-yah and holding hands by candle light: “Thousands of people, many of them union workers, gathered outside the statehouse, chanting and holding signs as snow fell. “

All of that is typical Democrat behavior. Let me finish the thought, though, because the deeds need to be put into perspective. First, Right To Work legislation abolishes what we call “closed shops,” which mean that neither businesses nor employees have any control over who works for the business – the union calls the shots. That is, straight-up, anti-freedom, anti-American, taking away free enterprise, free association, the simple and basic right of a business to go about seeking business and profit as it chooses, the basic right of a person to seek employment without being put in bondage to a union. So RTW repairs that damage to the heart of liberty.

Unions hold great power over individuals. Because they suck dues out of the pockets of their workers, then hold businesses up for ransom, they have tons of money, which they then use to buy influence in the Democrat Party, which in turn stacks the laws in favor of unions. Passing RTW takes free money out of the pockets of both unions and Democrats.

When Republicans lose elections, or lose key legislative votes, they spend many hours blaming themselves and each other, navel-gazing over how they could have rallied, or how they could have surrendered principles and retained some kind of victory. Democrats, they don’t do that. They turn to riots, to mobs, to theft, to stuffing ballot boxes, to passing 2700-page bills that nobody gets to see, to selecting fellow thugs and commies into the courts, to blaming Republicans.

Because at the heart of it, Democrats don’t want to govern. They want to rule.

That, my friends, is supremely evil.

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