Overnite Pete: Gun control follies

In true Marx-Alinsky style, the Lefties and Obamanistas are not letting a crisis go to waste. Confiscating America’s guns has long been on the Kleptocrat playbook, as it was in the playbooks of Nazi Germany, Commie Russia, Commie China, Commie Cuba, Commie Nicaragua, Commie Venzuela… [anybody seeing a pattern here….?]. The mass murder by a psychotic loser of 20 elementary school children and 6 adults in Connecticut was a vile crime and a huge tragedy. But the Dem response to it is ridiculous, deliberately fever-pitched, and deliberately calculated and dishonest.

We’d all love to make such despicable crimes impossible. Love to. But Democrat responses of (a) confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens, (b) publish names and addresses of gun owners, (c)blame Republicans for a “gun culture” that instigated this mass murder is (depending on which Democrat) moronic or supremely, cynically tyrannical. When the NRA leader had a public appearance at which he stated (a) it ain’t the NRA’s fault, and much to the contrary NRA promotes responsible gun practices, and (b) why don’t you put armed security people in public schools (which by the way 30% of all schools already do that). The Commie Left went completely nuts over that.

Which is what you get from the Commies when you (a) stand up to their bullying, and (b) suggest a solution that is elegant in its simplicity and effectiveness. Typical.

I point out that (a) Connecticut already has some of the strictest gun laws in America, (b) nothing the Dems propose would have helped stop this mass murder, (c) only one mass murder in the last 50 years has happened at a place that was NOT designated a gun-free zone.

Aside from the specifics of the Connecticut mass murder, I want to point out this to the idiots, jerks, and Commies that want to dismantle or undermine the Second Amendment. I mean, besides a great big FU. The Second Amendment had (and has) a fairly specific purpose, along with the obvious (free society, let a man keep guns if he wants to). Read the latter part of Federalist Paper #46. What the Founding Fathers had in mind was not the liberty to own sporting guns and shoot geese. A competently armed America is a formidable bulwark against the possibility of the federal government going tyrannical.

So, you know what a good assault rifle is good for, or more properly, half a million assault rifles, 5 million deer rifles, and 50 million pistols? Yep, that’s right. Holding your own against a professional military who ALSO has good assault rifles (and jets, and tanks, and smart bombs) who has been ordered to shut down a free America. You think that can’t happen in the SCOAMF’s America? You think the Commiecrats don’t want that? Really?

Boom. End of debate.

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