Fast-moving World

So much has gone on since my last post (March 5 or so). In that time..,, well the Trump impeachment sham was over in January, and we wondered what would be the next Democrat shenanigan. Well, witness the shutdown of America because of the Covid-19 virus. Also, Biden has more or less officially become the Democrat nominee. And boy, have the lights gone out in that house… man it is sad to see.

I’ll wrap this up here, because I want Covid, and the New Resistance, to get its own article. I just want to note that in the lockdown, much of America went idle. Some pockets of America went in to super-hyperdrive. I was among the latter, and life has been so busy, and I am talking about working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, I just simply could not divert much time to narrating this crazy, pivotal, super-interesting time. Doing real good to keep clothes and dishes and myself all washed, and the yard more-or-less mowed and acceptably groomed.

So much to comment on, and no ability to do it. My own special hell.

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