Michael Flynn Vindicated: Now Time for Justice

While the technicalities will drag on for a bit while Trump-hating judge Sullivan makes his Hail-Mary play out of resuscitating a prosecution where both parties are no longer at odds, the miracle has happened. The media covers it about like you would expect – both happy to continue to besmirch an obviously innocent man because he plays for the #OrangeManBad team, and remarkably, impposibly uninterested in reviewing for accuracy a waterfall of facts

Just when we think the Swamp is indomitable, unmovable, untouchable, a rolling and unstoppable mass which destroys all that does not please or conform to it, along comes another force of nature, one lawyer with a yard of guts — who knew the law, knew she was in the right, and would not bow, would not stop, and would not shut up. Sidney Powell, if there is any justice, history will speak well of her. She saw the weaknesses in the Mueller prosecution’s case (not really hard) and exploited them with precision and force (that was hard).

In the end, Powell’s pincer movement with USA Jeff Jensen (probably not coordinated because the Good Team, when they do it right, can ) exposed long-hidden documents that not only vindicated Flynn but exposed or fleshed out very likely criminal acts by a veritable role call of bad actors: not only the known suspects like McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Page, and so on, but also Flynn’s original counsel, Covington & Burling.

Flynn’s original counsel withheld evidence from him, and persuaded him to plead guilty to a charge the government had no chance of proving, but unearthed documents show they made a side deal with prosecution that Flynn’s son would not be prosecuted (not illegal but unsavory and reeks of not acting in the interest of their client) but that this side deal was hidden from the judge (very illegal).

Jensen’s digging, at the behest of Attorney General Barr, as well as tireless efforts by other heroes like acting DNI Grinell (wow, this dude deserves his own story), Judicial Watch, Sara Carter, John Solomon, Dan Bongino, and Sean Hannity, also revealed documents showing positively that there was no predicate for questioning Flynn, and that known actors deliberately set out to entrap Flynn in a perjury trap in order to ruin him and possibly flip him against President Trump. When he failed to lie to FBI agents in an ambush interview in which they took pains to keep him from having White House counsel present and keep him even from thinking he was under investigation, Strzok and Page altered Form FB-302 to invent a lying-to-FBI crime.

In vindicating Flynn, Powell’s briefs to the court actually incriminated, specifically, Comey (4th amendment violation for investigating Flynn when no predicate was established), Strzok & Page (altering FB-302) , Kelner and Anthony (former counsel), Van Grack (prosecutor), (the latter three for making a side deal and hiding it from the court)(Van Grack also for failing to provide Brady material and lying to the judge about it). The evidence uncovered also TENDS to incriminate several others.

The vindication reveals crimes committed, and hints very strongly at other crimes committed. Time to go get them. And in spite the knock on on AG Barr that at heart he is still a Swamp Dweller, there is much to indicate that he can and will, having put his hands on the tail of this alligator, hold on until he has subdued them.

At the end of this will be prosecutions against a role call of top Obama intel officials and their co-conspirators for not only the Flynn prosecution but the crimes involved in the FISA warrants against Carter Page and the whole Mueller investigation. I believe that federal convictions will be handed to Comey, McCabe, Brennan (the real ringleader) Nellie Ohr, Strzok, Page, Van Grack, and some others. I believe that some guilty persons will walk: Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Clapper, Yovanovich, and Yates. With any luck they will be damaged goods before it is over. I believe that if Republicans take back the House in 2020, that Adam Schiff will be expelled from Congress.

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