We are here to comment, and where we feel moved to, to agitate, organize, precipitate action, and affect events and elections.

We believe in a Constitutional Republic as envisioned and enacted by the Founding Fathers such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, and Ben Franklin. We adhere to conservative tenets, particularly as expressed by Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, and Ronald Reagan. We were Fredheads in 2008. In 2012 we are for Perry as the primary season begins.

We believe that the Republican Party is a feckless, gutless, toothless tiger, and is currently controlled by people who have not one bit of interest in promoting conservative governance, but instead seek to maintain such position and power as can be gained by talking a conservative game to the public but operating in subservience to the Democrat Party. We have plans to change this…

As this site is launched, it is not user-centric, or even user-enabled. To get started, the show is, for the moment, us. We plan to expand that in very short order, but the foundation comes first, in a site-building sense.

Who are we? E Pluribus Unum, for the moment the primary content contributor, is that EPU formerly writing at RedState, active in the national right-side blogger scene, and currently writing at that wonderful community at UnifiedPatriots. Pete prefers to maintain some anonymity. He is the primary site designer and mechanic. If you like his work and you are interested in having your own WP blog put together for a price, hit him up through the contact form on the right side of the page. Ed is another content contributor, and he’ll introduce himself in his own way.

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