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Got a question for His Royal Highness? What are you, a racist?

Last Friday, normally a dry news day, provided comedy aplenty. While expounding on why he decided to enact amnesty for many illegal aliens by fiat and against the specific will of America as expressed by Congress, aka “elected representatives”, His Royal Highness was interrupted by a question from a lowly reporter from the Daily Caller. Hilarity ensued, that day and all weekend.

This episode and its aftermath make a great instructive tool, so let’s see what we can gain from a little study. I’ve helpfully broken down the lessons learned into two categories: lessons for dummies, and lessons for Americans.

Heckler! Racist!
This reporter was widely reported to have “shouted” and to have “heckled the President”. See for yourself. It’s hard to hear what the reporter asked him, because I guess some people are better shouters and hecklers than others. The questions were “Why did you favor foreigners over Americans?” and “Are you going to take questions?”
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