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Americans, start your cameras!

Document the biggest fraud in American history. Tar. Feather. Jail. Repeat.

They’re stealing on an epic scale this time. And you think they are unstoppable. You think they can manufacture phony votes, deny the vote to overseas military, rig enough voting machines, and commit enough intimidation to change the outcomes of far too many elections next Tuesday.

With the Justice Department under Eric Holder, Democrat cheating is now for all intents codified into law. The stories in the last week are rampant, yet the national media ignore it, even trumpeting obviously manufactured counter-stories of supposed Republican intimidation (for example Houston). Even the voting machine technicians in Nevada and elsewhere are SEIU thugs. Unions have spent at least $250 million in campaign donations, and untold more millions in ground game. Evil conspirators include OFA, SEIU, ACORN, AFL-CIO, and thousands of Democrat-owned election boards, precinct judges, poll workers, and union locals. In recent years the thefts committed against Rossi, Stevens, and Coleman were practice runs, and now the operation is running full scale.

Is there any hope?

I’m glad you asked. Yes there is.
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