Tag: Consent of the Governed

Democrat Lame Duck follies are a moral violation against America

In no way can it be imagined that the governed consented to this.

Some things are just wrong, even if they are legal. Some things are dishonorable to such a degree that the perpetrators ought to be scorned and shunned from civil society. The perpetrators of the 2010 Lame Duck follies — chief among them Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi — are reprobates of that order. The rest of them are scarcely better for having lent their votes.

I hold these points to be facts:

  • The Democrats were shellacked on November 2, a long-expected result, losing the most (63) of one party since 1938, and giving Republicans a commanding majority of 242-193 in the upcoming Congress.
  • It is ridiculous to interpret the election results as less than a thorough repudiation by the voters of what Democrats had done for 2 years.
  • The Democrats planned this Lame Duck session long in advance.
  • The Democrats planned long in advance to exploit the lack of accountability inherent in a Lame Duck session.

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