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Silly Holder says constitutional crisis looming

Most of us have been aware of that for quite some time, Captain Moron.

Monday, under questioning by Chuck Grassley in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Eric Holder described his predicament with Darrell Issa’s House Government Oversight Committee on Fast & Furious (short version: Issa has the goods on him, and Holder will be going to federal prison) as a “constitutional crisis”. He used the term 3 times.

I can see where a high ranking government official might resort to high-toned rhetoric in proclaiming his innocence when he is caught ordering a criminal enterprise run out of his office, then lying about it under oath repeatedly and going to great lengths to cover up his involvement. People like to think of themselves as in the right, and on the side of good against evil. I would think this especially true for the highest ranking law enforcement official in America.

But still, it’s funny to watch. Seriously, Eric? Constitutional crisis?
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This is what you do to the Visigoths: Issa punches Holder in the face

He didn’t literally punch him in the face. But House Government Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa thoroughly dressed Holder down, badgered him, shouted him down, interrupted him several times, called him out, and called him a crook, right there in an open committee hearing. (Rep. Issa’s questions begin at the 3:30 mark.)
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When Democrats apologize

This week provided us something interesting and rare: two apologies by Democrats. That being such a rare sight, let’s see if we can learn anything new about Democrats.

David Gregory and Grand Wizards
Gregory is a familiar face at NBC and MSNBC. He was the NBC White House correspondent during the Bush years, known for asking 17-part questions spun into a left-wing fabric requiring the responder to answer either “yes, I am still beating my wife”, or “no, I am no longer beating my wife”. He now hosts Meet the Press.
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Perjurer and Crook: Holder Ordered the Gun Walker Operation

You know it and I know it. This whole media business about “what did Holder know and when did he know it?” is baloney. It’s the wrong question. Holder ordered it. There’s no way in the world that this multi-agency operation happened without his sign-off, and considering what is coming to light, it appears that the origins of it were right out in the open. Standing at the top of the pyramid of responsibility is Attorney General Eric Holder.

The right question might be “besides Holder, who else ordered the operation?” because there’s a good chance that Secretary Napolitano conspired in it as well. Might as well get a two-fer discount on impeachments and prison time.
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