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Taking Chance – if you don’t get what’s great about America, maybe this movie will show you

Conservatives, patriots, military veterans, families and close friends of military, and plain average Americans will instantly get this movie. There’s no surprise in it for them, although it is gripping from beginning to end. But this movie wasn’t made for them, not really. It was made for the person who doesn’t quite get it. If you have allowed yourself to be persuaded by those who:

  • think the term American Exceptionalism is smug and self-congratulatory
  • don’t believe America is the bright shining symbol of freedom on a hill
  • think that America’s history is dominated by government-sanctioned oppression, racism, and the haves stealing from the working have-nots (other than the last 2 years, I mean)
  • think the model of ordered freedom needs to be replaced by a grand scheme controlled by smart, benevolent leaders
  • have no earthly idea why young American men would flock to recruiting offices by the thousand to sign up for a war in Iraq that could very well get them killed
  • think America owes you something, but you don’t owe anything back

but something in your heart gives you the lie, that recognizes something dissonant about it late at night, when it’s just you and your thoughts….then this movie is for you. Because you don’t get America, but you could. Somewhere in you beats the heart of an American. And there is something splendid, wonderful, and liberating about finally surrendering to the beauty of America.
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