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Happy Right to Work Day!!!!

Do me a quick favor. Go to Google and search on the phrase “right to work day”, using quotes on the outside. So far, we at UnifiedPatriots own this phrase. But we don’t want to own it. Next September, it’ll be a nationwide call to end forced unionization. Just watch.

I will not, even at the point of a gun, give the first, slightest , tiniest bit of honor to unions. I mean it. They represent Communism specifically, and tyranny, brute force, graft, corruption, and organized crime generally. In fact, along with millions of others, I do and will work tirelessly to end union tyranny in this land. But I am just one little writer, and I’m not even in enemy territory. You want to join the fight, in earnest? Start with LaborUnionReport and National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. That’s where the battle to liberate the 28 states is taking place.
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